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Each site is designed to spec from the ground up. We work together to design an experience from scratch based on your inputs.

Webflow & WordPress Sites

Engaging website experiences that are built on beautiful designs. Sites focus on converting a website visitors into customers for your business.

Website Accessibility

Everyone should be able to use the web without barriers, my build process ensures that deliverables use industry best practices.

Quality Assurance

Websites that are fast, secure, and extensible. This not only creates a trusted experience — it’s more cost-effective in the long run.

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Some of my recent work

MSU Alumni

At Michigan State University I worked with the Alumni Association to craft a new website to connect alumni, donors and clubs with the services at the university. The site features dynamic stories, event registrations, travel information as well as detailed metrics about how visitors are using the site.

MSU Empower Extraordinary

Michigan State University just wrapped up its most recent capital campaign Empower Extraordinary and I was asked to design and develop a website that would tell the story of how the 1.8 billion dollar campaign impacted students, faculty, research and infrastructure at the university.

Giving to MSU

Fundraising is extremely important to Michigan State University and as the lead developer on the overhaul of the Giving To website I was tasked with creating a feature rich website with a hard deadline. We created an extremely dynamic site which included a robust content management system, as well as, a modern design to reflect the branding of the recently announced capital campaign.

MSU University Advancement

University Advancement is the umbrella organization for a few different departments at Michigan State University, namely, the Alumni Office and the fundraising department. The highlight feature of this site is the staff directory which allows visitors to search for Advancement staff on a variety of criteria with a fresh and clean interface.

META Gaming Template

As a fan of video games I've always wanted to work on a project involving something that has such a large impact on my life. This site was created to sell to game studios that are looking looking for a modern design that feels clean and sophisticated.

Apple Homepage in Webflow

This was created this to see if I could create a replica of the Apple homepage in 4 hours. I was able to do it—including the tablet and phone views of the page. This demonstrates how powerful it is to be able to quickly create inside of Webflow, including the ability to publish to a live site in one click.

Portfolio Resume/CV Template

For people who want a simple take on a personal resume website, this was created so you could transfer over your resume and have it available online in a few minutes. All as easy as filling out a word document.

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