This is mostly for my future self. For God knows what reason the built-in WordPress import/export process doesn’t bring over the featured images for the blog posts. If you’re able to install a plugin on the old site you’re exporting from use this – Export media with selected content Make sure when exporting you check … Read more

This guide shows you how to find all of the unique telephone links (e.g., <a href=”tel:(555) 555-5555″>) on your website. I’ve found this most useful when migrating from an old site to a new one, sometimes old call tracking phone numbers will get copy-pasted into the new website’s content. Website crawling service If you’d like … Read more

This guide shows you how to set up and configure Google Analytics 4 (GA4), Google Tag Manager and Contact Form 7 on your website. Before you begin This guide assumes that you completed the following: It also assumes you have the following: Google Tag Manger setup Make sure that you have access to your GA4 … Read more

How to use to reduce image file sizes. Squoosh is an open source image compressor designed to optimize images through resizing and use of modern compression technology. If PageSpeed is dinging you because it wants you to serve images in next-gen formats or WordPress wont let you upload because your image file exceeds the … Read more

Browser support warningThis is experimental technology and is not widely supported by browsers yet. For best results use Chrome 111+ or Chrome Canary. View transitions make it easy to animate elements (images, headings, divs, containers) between pages with some simple CSS. Google recently put out an article showing example use of the View Transition API … Read more