Giving To MSU

Michigan State University is reinventing their digital fundraising experience. In 2014, the university decided to redesign the University Development (Fundraising) website for the launch of the capital campaign on Oct 24th.

As the lead front-end developer on the project I was tasked with providing Michigan State University with it’s first responsive development site. This project included moving over hundreds of existing pages into the new design along with adding numerous new features into the site.

One of the largest new additions to the site was the crowdfunding platform that we built in-house. The program was named, CrowdPower, the crowdfunding solution for spartans, which launched with massive success. One of the first projects, Extreme Makeover: Sparty Edition, raised over $12,000 to get a new armor for the world’s best mascot. We were able to integrate the CrowdPower pages with the online donation system to provide real-time donation numbers and honor roll for the projects.

Travis Williamson

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